ShellCalc Pro

We have finished development of Shellcalc Pro – the latest version is 7.57.  This version contains (amongst other things):-

  • Plotting of up to 5 effects simultaneously
  • Plotting of gerbs (fountains) and mines in addition to shells and comets
  • Set Imperial or Metric measurements (for UK/US)
  • Choice of Windspeed entry units (knots, Beaufort, mph, kmph, m/s etc)
  • Debris plots as areas as well as indicative arrows
  • Ability to turn off various display features to ease overlays
  • Importing maps or images directly into the programme
  • Use of North-oriented maps for simplicity
  • Revised main data entry screen – to separate out the most used functions
  • Changed licence details (please contact us for a trial licence code)



*** Shellcalc Pro is now available.  Click  here to access the online shop or download files from below***

NOTE: There is now only ONE Excel file – the Shellcalc program file.  Also included is the Shellcalc Pro Users’ manual.  If you buy a subscription to Shellcalc Pro we will supply a unique licence code which will enable full functionality.  Unlicenced versions of ShellCalc© Pro have limited functionality

You can upgrade your version by downloading the main Excel file and entering your licence number

If there are features you would like to see included in future versions please contact us