shellcalcShellCalc© is an Excel spreadsheet designed to input and plot the trajectories of a variety of professional firework types (Shells, Comets, Bombettes, Mines and Fountains) under user-inputted wind conditions and model where the debris and “blinds” may fall.

ShellCalc© is available in two versions:-

ShellCalc© Standard – free to use – version 5.23 – Click Here to download

ShellCalc© Pro – available by subscription – current version 7.57 – available NOW

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See an article on ShellCalc© Pro in issue #4 of Pyrotechnic Magazine

ShellCalc Mobileshellcalc mobile

We are trialling a mobile, cut down online version of ShellCalc Standard for use on mobile devices without access to Microsoft Excel.  We would recommend, where possible, you use a fully functional version of ShellCalc on your IOS or Android device, but where this is not possible the Mobile version may prove useful.

A trial version is available here.


20% discount is available for upgrades from existing ShellCalc Pro versions to extend licences.  Please see our shop for details.



We offer 2 half-day training courses on the use of ShellCalc© and more generally the production of Risk Assessments for professional firework displays. We also have a new Facebook Page for current information.  Please click here for more information

File Library

ShellCalc© Pro is constantly in development and we try and incorporate as many user-generated features as possible.  ShellCalc© Standard will have minor bug-solving changes as required but will not be developed further.  Please ensure you have the latest version.

A file library is available here