ShellCalc© is an Excel spreadsheet designed to input and plot the trajectories of a variety of professional firework types (Shells, Comets, Bombettes, Mines and Fountains) under user-inputted wind conditions and model where the debris and “blinds” may fall.

ShellCalc© is available in two versions:-

ShellCalc© Standard – free to use – version 5.23 – Click Here to download

ShellCalc© Pro – available by subscription – current version 8.13 – contact us for more details.

ShellCalc© Pro incorporates sound pressure calculations and options which allow users to use this critical piece of information (alongside debris and fallout models) to determine “Safetry” distances on their sites and to do contingency planning

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See an article on ShellCalc© Pro in issue #4 of Pyrotechnic Magazine

ShellCalc on a Tablet or Phone

From ShellCalc 7 we have incorporated a special tab for viewing on a Tablet.  The data entry is still on the main tab, but the TABLET tab allows wind speed and direction to be changed with the minimum fuss – useful for on-site determination of curtailment of cancellation criteria.



20% discount is available for upgrades from existing ShellCalc Pro versions to extend licences.  Please see our shop for details.


We offer 2 half-day training courses on the use of ShellCalc© and more generally the production of Risk Assessments for professional firework displays. We also have a new Facebook Page for current information.  Please click here for more information

File Library

ShellCalc© Pro is constantly in development and we try and incorporate as many user-generated features as possible.  ShellCalc© Standard will have minor bug-solving changes as required but will not be developed further.  Please ensure you have the latest version.

A file library is available here